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• [2010-05-03]the restricted requirements on goods importati

1. North America

United state

1. All the shoes samples imported to United States must be presented the detail information of name, element, style, or it leads to the delay of clearance.

2.The wooden package(including original wooden package and three-ply board package) is forbidden to enter United states, but the non-original wooden package can be transferred by DHL ,at present ,please pay more attention to the package to avoid any question when delivery .

3.all the products like food ,animal and plant products and toiletries can not be imported by the way of express mail ,or you may be fined US$5000 to US$10000.


Western Europe


1. Prestos express import: as to the express whose declared value is up to US$ 20, the addressee should offer the relevant document when clear customs. If France customs do not receive any reply about how to deal with it from the addresser or addressee, they will choose the following processing method which is at the lowest cost;

1.1 returns to the addresser and the addresser pay the reject fee and tariff.

1.2destroy in the customs, and the addresser should pay a commission of EURO400.

2. Special collection: the goods that single package exceed 30 kilogram need to add extra USD25 as handling fee



1.all the food products (including animal products ,fish, insects, fruits and vegetables) is forbidden to import to Britain ,once be found ,it will be returned to point of departure at once .And the Britain government will impose the mortgage not below 140.all the fee will be imposed from addresser company



1.       the new regulation of Italia customs :all the textile products from China to Italy recover the quota system from July 1 ,2005 ,and the relevant foreign trade department will not receive new quota application ,or they are fined or returned automatically by the customs ,the fee caused by it will be paid by addresser company

East Europe


1. The declared value of all the samples should include the freight and the dispatch clauses, or it will lead to the delay of clearance, even it produce the bond customs fee which will be paid by addressed company


1.       In order to avoid the delay of clearance and the generation of the tariff, the addresser should notice that all the declared value of the Christmas present to company should be up to EURO 40, to private be up to EURO20.


The express mail to Poland must be present the original commercial invoice with the company title in quadruplicate, also with the signature and seal of the addresser company .


1.       all the express mail with wooden package imported to India need to provide the plant inspection and quarantine certificate ,or it will cause to 3 or 4 days delay of clearance and at least EURO 40 penalty .for any relevant information ,please refer to relevant material.

2.       all the express mail bill and invoice imported to India should indicate the name of good ,quantity, unit price and so on clearly. Any declaring  only specified “sample” will be rejected by the local customs


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