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Room 518-519, F5th, Huale building, Zhenhua road (north Zhonghang road),Huaqiangbei,futian district, Shenzhen,China
Telephone: 0755-23999550

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room 011-012, F4thr, international electronic center, Huaqiangbei, Futian district ,Shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-82518051

Processing centre:
Room 602, F6th, building NO.7, 1th Bagua road, Futian district, Shenzhen

Hong Kong address:
507,Block A,Tonic Industrial Centre,
26, Kai Cheung Road,
Kln, Hong Kong
Telephone: 00852-39967831

Frequently asked question to China post EMS

1. All the way of inquiry the EMS mail:

 1. dial the customer service telephone : the local telephone area code +11185

   2. search into the relevant national and regional post websites through the inquiry link when you inquiry the EMS mail

 3. Message inquiry service of the EMS mail: to send message to the special service number”10665185 “of the EMS mail information inquiry system with its specially states form. and you can inquiry the EMS mail information

   4. to log on the EMS websites and enter into the users’ message page ,then provide mail number and  addressee’s detailed address  and we will inquiry it for you and tell  you the inquiry result .

    5. On the condition that there is not any enquiry result, the addresser go to the post office where he hand the EMS mail to inquiry with the parcel form of EMS and receipt .

2. EMS number:

.the EMS number is made up of 13 units ,the fist two are English letter, the first letter of  English  abbreviation of Express Mail Sending  is E , the second letter is the serial number (AS EA,EB,ED ),the last two English letter CN  means China ,the 9 letters among it is  Arabic numerals .only all the mail number is right, can we inquiry the mail information .

3. what should you do if you have sent the EMS  but you can not search it on the internet ?

 when you can not search the information on the EMS websites ,please tell us about it in the user’s message .and please provide mail number and  addressee’s detailed address to us ,we will inquiry it for you and tell you the result prompt.



1.       time of  inquiry the EMS information :

 The validity date for the EMS accepted inquiry: for 4 months after the day of the mail posted .the EMS sending information can be found after all the relevant link handled .in general, the mail posting information can be searched after 4 hours that the mail posted.

2.       How to inquiry the express mail with initial digit “CT”?

When you inquiry the mail with the CTXXXXXXXXXCN, log in to inquiry.

3.       What to do with the request of signed copy?

 The post EMS business Bureau offer the free mail inquiry service .but if the clients request to offer signed copy, please inquiry in the post office which post the mail and pay 3 Yuan each as the special inquiry fee .

4.       How to inquiry the Taiwan express mail and parcels?

 9 because there is no postal link between Domestic post and Taiwan post .so the express mail and parcel to Taiwan are posted by the non-government shipping company after posted to Guangzhou .If you want to the information of the express mail and parcel to Taiwan, please inquiry in the post office which post them with a inquiry form in writing.


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