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• [2010-04-09]to ensure the goods packing in three teps and

To ensure the goods-packing in three steps and the delivery choice -Package Recorded message

Package Recorded message

1.       To avoid packing the goods in too big cartons or cartons with some print.: not use too big cartons or cartons with too many prints in the transnational shipment.

2.       to avoid to pack the goods in bad and insecure cartons ,please do not use bad cartons ,,maybe you make a carton come into use once more time ,but your goods may be damaged in the process of shipment , also do not use carton that insecure and easy to be out of shape .

3.    To avoid use inferior filling material: do not use any inferior material to fill the space such as the waste paper in the shredder or any other inferior material. Because if the filling material is inferior, it’s buffering force may not work.

4.       To avoid to leaving any space between the carton and the goods: if there is any space, the goods will shake in the carton and the space will larger, this will lead to the buffering force may not work, so your goods may be damaged.

5.       to avoid to use any package with any strange shape :for example ,the goods may fall off the car or container if you  use the round case or bag .the case and bag with strange shape may lead to unnecessary trouble in the process of shipment .

6.       To avoid to use envelope to send goods: do not use envelope to send valuable and fragile goods, it is proved that the goods may be locked or without any effective protection if it is sent by envelope.

7. To write the address detailed and precisely: do not write the address with pencil or bosh .or the address may get blurred.

The principle of choosing shipment terms

1.       From the point of sellers: sellers should take a overall consideration for the buyer’ goods, including the freight, degree of safety, shipping speed and whether any tariff..

2.       Try to choose the cheap shipping service for the buyers on the condition of ensuring the goods’ safety and speed.

3.       goods shipment do not need exquisite outer package , the emphasis is to send the goods sold to the buyer safe and fast

4.       The air mail and EMS express service offered by China post is the main shipping way that Chinese transnational sellers are taken.

5.       even if you have much experience, you can not estimate the cases of all the buyers .so it is more proper to let the buyer to choose, they just have to specify the shipping way what they support in the item description., then make sure a tolerant shipping way .so if the buyer have other requirement, they will contact the seller.

6.       Some buyers may fit all the shipping ways, you can show you staple way and discount to save some freight for the buyers, and you may get more returned customer.

Speed requirement

  high          low

Goods price +freight          not   high      air mail

High                                   notice: have the risk of loss and the withdraw of PayPal payment

International express


Notice: have the low risk of loss and the withdraw of PayPal payment


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