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Which channels is commonly used to send parcels by the eBay

As for the mainland eBay sellers in China, they mainly use the following channel to ship goods:

Hong Kong air mail, registered mail, bulky parcel, Hong Kong post EMS

The four international express: DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, China post EMS, among which the most commonly used channel is Hong Kong air mail .But what is the difference between them. Below we compare them from the point of time limitation, price and clearance capacity.
The time limitation of all the channels:

It takes 7-15 days (about two weeks) to post to most of the countries for the Hong Kong air mail and the registered mail .and to the United states ,Canada ,Australia ,and Britain is usually 2 weeks ,to the other European countries is about 7-15 days ,but it may be a longer time for the arrival of South America countries (like Brazil , Argentina , Mexico)and Western Europe countries (like Italy, Spain, Belgium).

 Hong Kong Post EMS to most countries is about 3-5 business days

 DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx to most countries is about 4 business days

Mainland EMS usually is 5-8 business days .

The price comparison of all the channels

In kilogram, Hong Kong air mail is 85-95 Yuan per kilogram, 0-3 Yuan per package for the handling charge 

In kilogram , Hong Kong registered mail is 105-110 Yuan per kilogram . 13 Yuan per package for the registered charge

Hong Kong bulky package ,500 grams is  as a unit , the payment is settled according to the Hong Kong List prices RMB  and plus 2.5 Yuan per kilogram for the crossed  border charge

Hong Kong EMS ,500 grams is as a unit , the payment is settled according to the Hong Kong List prices RMB  and plus 2.5 Yuan per kilogram for the crossed  border charge

DHL UPS TNT FedEx, 500 grams is as a unit, settled according to the practical price list

China Post offer discount on the basis of standard price, for example Shenzhen is 4.3 discounts Waiwei is 3.8 discount, and 5 Yuan per bill for the customs charges.


The clearance capacity comparison of the entire channel

Clearance capacity refers to the capacity through customs of the each other’ country usually refers to the addressee hand the customs charge and the customs documents required.

Post goods have the strongest customs capacity, such as the Hong Kong air mail, registered mail and the mainland EMS. As for the UPS, DHL, TNT, FedEx. It needs to offer the commercial invoice in detail.

The package requirement of all the channels

Hong Kong air mail: the upper limit is 2 kilograms for each package, need to offer the addressee’ address in detail, Hong Kong local return address, air label and declarations

Hong Kong registered mail: the upper limit is 2 kilograms for each package .the only difference from the Hong Kong air mail is that it has register Bar codes.

Hong Kong bulky packagethe upper limit is usually 30 kilogram , some countries is 20 kilogram .it need to fill in the bulky package form and offer the commercial invoice .

 Hong Kong EMS: it need to fill in the Hong Kong post EMS form and provide commercial invoice and addressee’ address with telephone .number

DHL UPS TNT FedEx: it needs to fill in the form of DHL UPS TNT FedEx separately and provide the telephone number 

Conclusion: the eBay sellers post the goods by Hong Kong air mail which is less prized and speed unpleased. As for valuable and speed unpleasant goods they use the registered mail, if it is speed pleasant .they use China post EMS.  If you want a higher speed. Use DHL or UPS, if the weight is up to 10 kilograms, take the DHL or UPS



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