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China post EMS –fill in the customs declaration

Notice of the customs declaration filling :

1. The customs declaration should be filled in English or the language that is accepted by the destination countries.

2. Addresser should fill in the customs declaration completely, accurately and clearly, so that the destination customs can confirm what the posted goods is when they inspect the goods, or it may lead to delay and the addressee’ inconvenience. Besides, any incomplete, false, and not clear declaration may lead to confiscation of the mail.

3. addresser should make sure the import regulation (contraband and packing method) and the required certificate (like certificate of original, certificate of health and the invoice) if any , it must be inspected along with the declaration .

4. Do not fill any generic terms (such as “food”, “samples” or “parts”)

5. About the type of the goods, sign “X” on the grid ,it do not indicate that not need to fill in the declaration clearly and it is allowed to import excused from taxes.

  - “sales sample” refer to the low valued goods and available to represent the ordered goods

 -“documents “refer to the medium that may include or must include information , and the customs think these information is low valued in quantity and in property.

6. the addresser sign in the obverse to make sure the posted mail do not ship dangerous objects including explosive  materials, combustible goods, caustic goods, Utilizable materials, explosive articles, harmful things and any other dangerous goods.

7. the addresser should notice that the declaration may be modified to meet the requirements of the local customs’ inspection. The local customs have the right to let the addressee provide the supplementary documents in the use of clearance. The addressee should provide the relevant documents and pay the tariff according to the customs’ requirements. And the local customs do not inform the post office of the information.


The following parts specify how to fill in all kinds of customs form in details. As to the kinds of the form needed and the quantity, please look at the third part




A.       the name and address of the addresser :fill in the full name of the addresser or the addresser company , the detailed address and the customs file number (if available)

B.       the name and address of the addressee: fill in the full name of the addresser or the addresser company, including the name of the destination country

C.       the name of the internals and the detailed description : please specify each goods in the package and the quantity in details.

D.     The relevant information of the internals: the addresser who post the commercial item must fill the country of origin (include the producing, making and assembling); Tax Rate number (if know)


E.        Detailed specification of the internals please fill the net weight(in kilogram) and the value (specifying the currency unit) of each goods


F.      Classification of internals: please draw in the proper grid to specify the classification
G.     Certification and the invoice quantity: if it needs license and certificate documents, and if it needs to provide commercial invoice and proforma invoice .please fill in it. All the commercial item must be attached a delivery order

H.       Total gross weight: please fill the gross weight (in kilogram0 of the package

I.          The original post office /the trade date : do not need to fill

J.        Notice :provide the specification of the internals that need to be inspected and the restricted goods.

K.       Date and the signature of the addresser: please examine the form before signing and filling the date.

A.       classification of mail: please draw a ” √” in the proper grid to specify the classification of mail.

B.       The detailed name and quantity of the internals please specify the quantity and Units of Account of each item in details, especially the goods need to be inspected

C.       Weight: please fill the net weight of each item (in kilogram)   

D.       Value: please fill the value of each item (specifying the currency unit).

E.        The addresser who post the commercial item should fill the tax number of the coordinate system (according to the coordinate regulations Of the World Customs Organization ) and the country of origin (include the producing, making and assembling )

F.        Total weight please fill the total weight (in kilogram) of the package

G.       Total value: to fill the total value of the package (specifying the currency unit)

H.       The signature of the addresser.



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